ALT offers Screw & Bolt Pin Anchor Shackles that are heat-treated and have loads based on a safety factor of 6-to-1. The size, working load limit, and trademark are permanently marked on all shackles.

Image Item Description Weight Price Unit Qty
4891-12G-BP Crosby Shackle; 1/2" galvanized; Screw pin type; 2-ton work load limit 0.77 lbs. $13.99* EA
4891-58G-BP Crosby Shackle; Galvanized; 5/8"; Screw pin; 3.25 ton work load limit 1.51 lbs. $25.99* EA
4891-34G-BP Crosby Shackle; Galvanized; 3/4"; Screw pin; 4.75 ton work load limit 2.46 lbs. $36.99* EA
4891-38G-SPIM Screw Pin Safety Anchor Shackle; Galvanized; 3/8"; 1 ton work load limit 0.30 lbs. $2.95* EA

* Pricing subject to change on this item

**Product received may vary from photo

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