ALT offers Batteries made of alkaline, silver oxide, and lithium. These batteries provide long-lasting power and better performance than the competition. Alkaline batteries are good for a wide variety of devices like toys, remote controls, and flashlights; lithium batteries are great for equipment such as handheld power tools, wireless handheld devices, etc.; and silver oxide batteries are great for use in small electronic devices, such as watches and calculators. Whatever your battery needs, ALT has your solution!

Image Item Description Weight Price Unit Qty
BATTERY-AAAA AAAA Battery; Alkaline; 2/pack 0.10 lbs. $3.09* PK
BATTERY-AAA AAA Battery; Alkaline; 4/pk 0.10 lbs. $2.89* PK
BATTERY-AA AA Battery; Alkaline; 4/pack 0.20 lbs. $2.49* PK
BATTERY-C C Battery; Alkaline; 2/pack 0.30 lbs. $2.59* PK
BATTERY-D D Battery; Alkaline; 2/pack 1.32 lbs. $3.99* PK
BATTERY-9V 9-Volt Battery; Alkaline; 1/pack 0.10 lbs. $2.69* PK
BATTERY-357 357 Button Battery; Silver oxide; 1/pack 0.01 lbs. $1.89* EA
BATTERY-389 389 Button Battery; Silver oxide; For use in calculators; 1/pack 0.01 lbs. $0.89* EA
BATTERY-CR2032 CR2032 Battery; Lithium; 1/pack 0.02 lbs. $0.79* EA
BATTERY-CR2430 CR2430 Battery; Lithium; 1/pack 0.01 lbs. $1.40* EA

* Pricing subject to change on this item

**Product received may vary from photo

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