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Outside Sales & Leadership

  • Josh Leverett
    Josh Leverett
    Outside Sales & Estimating Supervisor

    Josh joined the allG Team in 2001 and is currently serving in Outside Sales & Estimating. Throughout his allG career, his determination to learn the interdepartmental workings has equipped him to better serve our customers. The knowledge and professional contacts he has built over the years serves him well as he conducts industry research to stay ahead in the market and provide customers with the latest solutions. Josh's commitment to excellent customer service drives him to excel in all he does.


  • Chris Chandler
    Chris Chandler
    Outside Sales & Estimating

    Chris started his allG career in the warehouse in Oklahoma in 2009. His organizational and communication skills quickly advanced him to the Sales Team. He now manages the allG Oklahoma location. His industrial background experience enables him to work proficiently at delivering solutions to address each jobsite. Chris is instrumental in assessing the customer’s needs and delivering excellent customer service to ensure satisfaction.


  • Bobby Luster
    Branch Manager

Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas

  • Vern Hatley
    Vern Hatley
    Branch Supervisor

    Vern has over 20 years of experience in all phases of the business cycle. This experience allows him to provide exceptional customer service and the ability to see all aspects of the customer needs. He is highly motivated and welcomes the jobsite challenges customers face. With a great disposition, he provides customers with a listening ear and the ability to understand and resolve the jobsite challenges. He motivates our allG Team with his energetic attitude. He delivers outstanding customer service and strives for excellence.


Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

  • Steve Goodwin
    Steven Goodwin
    Branch Supervisor

    Steve joined the allG team in 2012 with extensive experience in warehouse management. Motivated to provide exceptional customer service, Steve strives for an organized and efficient warehouse. His attention to detail provides excellent material solutions for allG customers and strengthens the allG Team.

  • Jeremy Brock

San Antonio, Texas

  • Jamon Bowman
    Jamon Bowman
    Branch Supervisor

    Jamon became part of the allG Team after serving our country in the United States Army including two tours of duty in Iraq. Conscientious and highly motivated with a zeal for customer service, Jamon is able to multi-task with a high degree of efficiency. With superior communication and interpersonal skills, Jamon’s interaction with our customers results in winning solutions for their individualized needs. With his organizational experience, Jamon continues to contribute to the success of the allG Sales Team.

  • David Rice

Atlanta, Georgia

Houston, Texas

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