ALT offers all you need for your greasing jobs! For easy and quick work, pick up our heavy duty, 3-way loading grease gun. Make sure to grab a few of the 1/8" NPT male fitted hoses to ensure you are always ready to grease up your equipment. Remember, a well-greased machine makes work easier! We even carry a degreaser in case you are really messy!

Image Item Description Weight Price Unit Qty
GREASEGUN Grease Gun; For standard 14" tube; Heavy duty; Devolops over 10,000psi; 3-way loading 2.90 lbs. $24.99* EA
GREASEGUN-HOSE Greasegun Flex Hose; 18" 0.20 lbs. $8.99* EA
GREASE-RED Grease; 14 oz cartridge; Multi-purpose; Hi-temp; Red 0.95 lbs. $5.39* EA
GREASE-WHITE White Lithium Grease; 14 oz cartridge; For use on Plasma 1 lbs. $6.99* EA
DEGREASER Degreaser/Carburetor Cleaner; Heavy duty; 14 oz 1 lbs. $3.09* EA
9480 Grease & Oil Absorber; 25 lb bag 40 lbs. $10.59* EA

* Pricing subject to change on this item

**Product received may vary from photo

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