allG offers WD-40 8 oz. Smart Straw Lubricant which stops squeaks, loosens rusted parts, drives out moisture, and frees sticky mechanisms. Its attached straw allows for spray or stream applications. allG offers All 4 Lubricant which cleans, penetrates, lubricates, & protects - it does All-4! It is silicone free, displaces moisture, cleans away dirt & grease, and leaves no gummy residue.

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Item #5740
WD-40; 8 oz can 0.71 lbs. $5.29* EA
Item #5738
***CLOSEOUT SALE*** All 4 Lubricant with Rust Inhibitors; 10 oz can; Cleans, penetrates, lubricates; & protects; Silicone free; Meets Military Spec #M 1.01 lbs. $3.30* EA

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