allG offers Tar & Accessories designed for all types of asphalt/tarring. The tar is formulated with premium grade asphalts, and provides outstanding performance. This product has excellent adhesion and waterproofing properties, and delivers consistent and dependable results. The buckets and dippers are designed for durability and ease of use.

Image Item Description Weight Price Unit Qty
Item #5050
Asphalt Tar Keg; Type III D312 125.25 lbs. $54.25* EA
Item #5050-QD3
Dipper; Galvanized steel; 8" handle; 3 quarts 3 lbs. $29.99* EA
Item #5050-TB8
Bucket; Metal; Handle; 8 Gal capacity 12 lbs. $103.75* EA

* Pricing subject to change on this item

**Product received may vary from photo

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